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Popping Bubbles

Popping Bubbles was a fictional brand I created in a team for a university project. The goal was to create a fun and engaging brand to remind people how to safely transition out of COVID-19 lockdown. Youth are the number 1 carriers of COVID-19 and are commonly going to parties and social gatherings. We chose them as our target audience. 

Our team consisted of two motion designers, one interactive designer, and myself, a graphic designer. Popping Bubbles was an Augmented Reality drinking game where you could only play if you were two meters apart from one another, thereby encouraging social distancing. A sub-brand of this game was an RTD line which I developed, designed, and advertised.

Our aim was to create a vibrant, trendy packaging range that people wanted to be seen with. The packaging is strongly designed to display social distancing in a fun and playful way. 

Art direction - Holly Scott

Design - Holly Scott

cucumber mint box
passion box
Lemon Lime Box
2meters apart
mockups phantom

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