The Blending Co

The Idea of customised tea has been done before but what makes The Blending Co different is that it is instant. No need to order online and wait two weeks, you simply go to the dispensary station, work through the touch screen process; choosing your base and flavours of tea, and your tea will be made within minutes. An elegant, authentic, and artisanal brand.

The Blending Co. Everyones cup of tea.

In order to portray an elegant yet fun brand, I needed to really pinpoint a colour palette that was bright and vibrant however not too loud and invasive. The Floral illustrations show the natural, organic side of tea. They are very delicate emphasising an elegant, artisanal feel.

Art direction - Holly Scott

Design - Holly Scott

mockup box 3
mockup box 2
mockup box 1
billboard low res

My Process

Moodboarding to gain feel of brand identity is a major part of my process.

To begin with I had the idea of a normal vending machine. But why not be extravagant? why not have a giant tea box?

The illustrative style for The Blending Co meant first drawing the illustrations, changing colours until I found a sophisticated and natural feel.