Atea Rea

Growing up in a small New Zealand seaside village, I have been lucky enough to experience the beauty of nature from a young age. From climbing trees in the back yard to bush bashing through native forest, I vividly remember always being outside. The dirt or grass stains embedded in my childhood clothes are a stark reminder of how in recent years I have lost touch with my roots. I hold these memories close to my heart and as I look at our planet and the future, it is a great concern of mine that my children might not have these same opportunities or experiences. The world over resources are being consumed at worryingly unsustainable rates. In the wake of this our planets nature and preservationists are crying out for help. At the rate we are going we are only 7 years away from depleting our carbon budget. At this point, Earths average temperature will warm by 1.5 degrees Celsius.[i] If this happens the planet will fall victim to extreme heatwaves, fire, droughts and limited water availability. The prospect of enjoying nature the way we previously have as a species will be stripped from us and the option to reverse climate change will be gone.


Building and construction play a considerable role in adding to our carbon footprint as a nation. Knowing this, I believe we need to reassess the way we build and create space. Action must be taken sooner rather than later, and I believe I have an answer to evoke this change.

Atea Rea is a brand I have created in the hopes it will be a proposed government initiative. The government initiative is to change the way we build houses, instead of building homes I am growing them. This speculative project is about stepping back and looking at nature, thinking about how we can live cohesively instead of mankind constantly dominating.

I have designed a homegrown house, completely off-grid. This concept would encourage an environmentally conscious society. We could fabricate a happier, healthier planet to house happier, healthier people. 

Director - Holly Scott

Graphic Designer - Holly Scott

The collage montage style felt concept-like, communicating the speculative aspect of this project. Placing different elements together constructed my output. Each component was placed accordingly to deliver a bold statement. The contrast of the organically shaped house, to skyscraper building and cranes, is a confronting way of explaining where we are now and where we need to be. Looking at the organic curves we feel free, whereas rigid lines of buildings and cranes feel imprisoning. I demanded to express this contrast vividly to create a distinct message; we need to change our building methods immediately. 

Process and Methodology