I'm Holly Francesca Scott.
A Graphic Designer with an artistic flair and eye for detail.

Studying a Bachelor of Media Design, at Media Design School, majoring in Graphic Design allowed me to build my design skillset and discover who I am as a designer and what really sets my heart on fire.

I am a Graphic and Packaging designer, I love creating beautiful physical things. A physical object you can pick up, admire, feel, smell, and listen to; all the tiny elements that make up that perfect design. My love for ink art has allowed me to delve into every minor detail, taking extreme care in order to produce design outcomes of the highest quality.


Design Thinking is something that I use throughout my design process and something I hold close to my heart. I am not one to mass produce content, I love thinking about my objective, step into my client's customers shoes, and produce human centered designs that will really fit the brand and objectives of my brief. 


Using a digital outlet to create dielines, concepts, and aesthetics of packaging is a major passion. I love to experiment with different design elements in order to produce amazing packaging. 


Ink art has been a great passion of mine for years. It is a way for me to switch off thinking wise, and simply see where my mind takes me. Stippling is a style I am currently in love with and it really shows the importance of patients and thinking about every minor detail.